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Monday, October 10, 2011

I Can't Get 'Sister Christian' Out Of My Head!

So on Friday the 7th, I was invited to see a concert down in San Diego.  It was a throwback to the 80's concert with bands:  Journey, Foreigner and Night Ranger.  Night Ranger opened with Journey being the headlining act, and we all know I how feel about Journey.  Yay!

As most know, Night Ranger was pretty much a one-hit wonder with their most popular song being 'Sister Christian' and out of 4 hours of continuous music from that night, it is the song that has stuck inside my head ALL WEEKEND LONG without a break!  Ugh!  Now, I do like the song but there were much better songs that night (and performances).  In fact, I not only thought Night Ranger was the least enjoyable act of the night, I was really disappointed in their performance of 'Sister Christian', their only song I recognized.  The singer kept trailing off half way through a verse and it was kind of annoying, not to mention he just sounded off.  Maybe he was having a bad night or he was coming down with a cold or whatever.  Anyway, in my analysis of why 'Sister Christian', above all other songs, is the one that is stuck inside my head, I figure it may be because it was the most disappointing of the night and I'm replaying the radio version in my head over and over to compensate.

So, if you're feeling a little retro, for your listening pleasure, here is the beloved version of 'Sister Christian':

On a side note, since I've recently posted how awesome I thought a Journey tribute band (Don't Stop Believin') was when they performed outside my home, I must compare them to the real Journey band.  Arnel Pineda is now the lead vocalist and is featured on their most recent album "Eclipse",which was released just this last May.  He's good, nice range and sounds little bit like Steve Perry when singing the hits, but I still have to give props to Juan Del Castillo and the rest of the Don't Stop Believin' band.  Let's face it, without Steve Perry, even the real Journey band feels like a Journey tribute band and I enjoyed Don't Stop Believin's performance more.  And as for Foreigner, the best band of the night... by far.

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