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Sunday, May 13, 2012

I Can't Get 'Pretty Women' Out Of My Head!

Sorry Roy Orbison fans, not that song.

I have a 5-star playlist on my iPod and when I feel like escaping from the shackles of my desk and stretching my legs, I listen to my iPod while going for a walk.  More times than not, this is how it get songs stuck in my head, and that's how it happened this time.

'Pretty Women' is not only one of my all-time favorite Stephen Sondheim songs or favorite Broadway songs, but favorite songs.  From those who personally know me, they know I worship the ground Stephen Sondheim walks, with 'Assassins' being my #1 favorite musical.  And though 'Pretty Women' comes from "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street", "Sweeney" in musicals is comparable to "Jaws" in film for me; it's flawless and exceptional, but just misses being in my... let's say top three.  The fact that they are both horror is merely a coincidence.

And thanks to Tim Burton, I believe more people are now familiar with this song's beautifully haunting melody and superlative lyrics as 'Pretty Women' was sung in the 2007 film version by Johnny Depp and Alan Rickman:

Although it is an admirable rendition, there is nothing like the original version by Len Cariou in the title role and Edmund Lyndeck as Judge Turpin from 1979.  This version also includes a small prologue and the Epiphany song,  and it is worth listening to the entire piece:

To add your own version of "Pretty Women" to your iPod/iPhone/iPad/etc, I've supplied links in the right side bar.

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