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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pie Is More Than A Good Dessert, It's A Good Book

(5 STARS)  Pie, a ranch horse, suffers from an external mid-life crisis where he is injured after a brief encounter with a rowdy bull. Too damaged to continue his work, he is “put out to pasture” where the second phase of his life begins, which is surprisingly better than his first.

Pie is a multi-layered memoir about second changes, perseverance, and the power of bonding. Author Scaramuzzo has craftily managed to write an effective, feel-good book despite highlighted tragedy throughout. Told entirely through the point of view of Pie, this ordinary old brown horse shares his optimistic outlooks, fears, and subtle humor, as though the reader had stumbled upon his personal diary that he kept hidden at the back of his stable. Along the way, he meets a cast of characters, both human and animal, where they inspire and enlighten each other’s worlds.

This is not only a remarkable story on its own, but any lover of animals who understands the personal connection that is shared between pet and owner will have a heightened appreciation as Scaramuzzo expertly focuses on the importance of connections and interactions that both animal and human inherently give to one another. Pie is a regenerative tale for all ages.

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