Curse of the Chupacabra

Monday, June 2, 2014

Goodbye... for now.

Although I regret announcing that I will be taking a hiatus from this blog, I carry more regret having ignored it for so long.  My obsession to continue writing about, and sharing, things I love is still within me; however, writing on my dark fiction, working publicity on film junkets, and everything else life as tossed my way to juggle as made My Little Obsessions a lower priority.  Admittedly, I never achieved a slew of followers, but to those dedicated few - and those who happen upon this blog and wish for more - I apologize and hope you will continue to enjoy past posts and keep an eye open for future ones.  I have every intention of returning sometime in the near future and I will leave this blog up as proof.

Now go obsess about something... just don't act crazy.

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