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Monday, October 18, 2010

1 Little Obsession + 1 Little Obsession = 1 Little Obsession?

Every since The Notebook was released in 2004, I've had a little obsession with Rachel McAdams. I just think she's brilliant and engaging. Her comedic timing is flawless and she is very beautiful (hopefully on the inside too).

In fact, one of my previous publicity assignments was to "talent handle" Ryan Gosling as he was publicizing Lars And The Real Girl. This was back when he and Rachel were an item. Now, I thought Ryan was great too, and after spending the entire day with him, I still think so. But don't think for a moment that as the day went on, I wasn't wishing that Rachel would come to the press day to surprise him (and surprise me respecitvely.)

So, Rachel McAdams is 1 little obsession.

Another little obsession is Harrison Ford. Now, I KNOW I'm not the only one. Come on! Star Wars! Indiana Jones! Working Girl! --- nevermind. Scratch that last one.

I would say; however, that Harrison has dropped down my obsession scale in the last decade just because he has done very little to warrant a higher status, but he will always be on it.

So, Harrison Ford, the other 1 little obsession.

I went to the movies this weekend and watched a trailer for a movie that I had only heard about until that moment. The movie looks "movie theatre" good, but not "opening weekend" good; however, it stars both Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford. It is called MORNING GLORY and is scheduled to be released domestically on November 12. I guess the problem that I'm facing is that I should be MORE excited for this movie. I should want to see it opening weekend, much less... opening day! But I don't for some reason. With two little obsessions in the same movie, you would think that seeing MORNING GLORY would be a Big Obsession, but it's not. I'm having a real problem disecting this.

I'm not entirely sure as to my point of this post. I guess I don't have one. I think I'm just looking for an answer that nobody can answer for me. But as an afterthought, it would be fun to document my current excitement level for this movie and then compare it to how I feel after I actually watch the movie. Maybe the two little obsessions will become 1 Big Obsession and I'll watch the movie over and over? I guess we'll find out sometime in November, but probably not opening weekend.

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  1. Update: So in case anybody was interested, during my time away from blogging, I did end up watching this film, on DVD and not in the theatre as, per my post dated July 3, 2011, I was kind of busy with the whole book thing. Anyway, my intuition was correct. Although I did enjoy the movie, it was not amazing, fantastic, etc., etc. I know you were just DYING to know that, weren't you?



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