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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WoW! 12 Million People Agree

Late last night, after watching GLEE (more on that obsession later), I wanted to jump into the world of Azeroth and kick some Alliance ass. This is something I like to do with my evenings. Long ago I came to the realization that I must organize my little obsessions so that each one receives an adequate amount of attention. So, since the beginning of my unemployment, here is what my current daily schedule looks like:

8:00am - Wake-up
8:30am - Breakfast/coffee (yet another obsession)
9:00am - Work (writing/research/search for job... and now blogging)
1:00pm - Lunch
1:30pm - More Work
4:00pm - Catch up on recorded shows/Netflix
6:30pm - Dinner/More TV
9:00pm - Play World of Warcraft
1:00am - Go to bed

Am I getting off subject? - Not really.

So imagine my surprise last night when I sat in front of my computer at 9:00pmish and discovered that WoW had an update... that lasted three and a half hours! Yes, that is how long the update took to download and install.

Now, I still consider myself somewhat of a "n00b" (newbie player who older players avoid like the plague because they don't know what the hell they're doing). I first began playing around May of this year, thanks to my little sister whom I hold totally responsible for this obsession. When I first started playing, I played a lot. For hours and hours every day. But that’s how obsessions work with me. I obsess then my interest becomes manageable.

Now, I still continue to play most days, but not every day and not for multiple hours; however, last night confirmed that my little obsession with World of Warcraft isn’t over. Maybe I’m just like a cat?... put the dry food in front of me, I’ll ignore it, but take it away, and prepare to get your eyes ripped out of your head, which is kind of what I felt like doing.

So I returned to the TV. Albeit, this did allow me more time to catch up on my DVR shows, but do you think I enjoyed them as much? And what good is a DVR when I actually let the commercials air because I used each commercial break to run back to the computer to see where the download percentage was at?

And if you think I’m crazy for obsessing over a game, just know, for you non-WoW players, that World of Warcraft has a load screen that states, "Take everything in moderation, even World of Warcraft".

Good advice. Perhaps one day I’ll actually use it.

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  1. Update: I haven't played since January. Obsession over, I guess. But just wait, there's a new gaming obsession coming soon. I've already played the demo.



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