Curse of the Chupacabra

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Not-So-Warm Welcome

Hello! Well, here we go. My first post did not come with a lot of thought. As you can tell by the picture, I am currently obsessed with ice cream. But not just any ol' ice cream! This is a special ice cream once only found at the Disney theme parks. It was a tri-flavored feast of marachino cherry, pistachio and banana called Fantasia Ice Cream.

"Wait a minute! Was?" - Yes, "was".
"Where did it go?" - "I don't know."
"What happened to it?" - "Haven't a clue."

All of a sudden it was just gone. Back when I used to have an annual pass to the Disneyland Resort, in my neighboring city of Anaheim, California, I used to order a cone (or two) every time I visited the park, which was quite frequent. And then, without warning... POOF! Gone.

My obessions runs deep and long with this one. Not only do I long for one last taste so that I may properly say "good-bye" to my life-long, flavorful friend, I want to know who killed it! Vengence will be sweet.

If there is anybody who can help in either of these two requests, please speak up. If you did not personally know Fantasia <tear drop>, it was probably for the best.


  1. Sadly, I never tried this flavor. Maybe it's better I didn't since it's no longer available...

  2. Visits to Mickey's House just haven't been the same...I, too, always grabbed a Fantasia cone on the way out, sometimes as dessert to the one I had earlier. Why did they do this to me?!?!?!

  3. Maybe I should get a petition going?

  4. I am right there with you! Word on the street is that the flavor was discontinued in 2004 due to the high cost of producing the flavor specially for Disneyland and the low demand for the ice cream - I don't see how that is possible since there are pages and pages on the internet wanting to know what happened to their favorite ice cream. I will sign your petition!

  5. Be on the lookout, I'm seriously thinking of starting that petition. Now that summer's here and I'm craving Fantasia Ice Cream again, I might look into this (like I have the time, but my obsession does run that deep).



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