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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ryan Gosling: Actor, Dancer... Referee?

Just yesterday, I was sitting in front of the TV, watching Hell's Kitchen (love that show!), thinking it had been a week since my last post and what would I blog about next?  I didn't want to do another song so soon, even though I had had many stuck in my head these last few days, but there wasn't anything I was currently obsessing about other than my chupacabra series, until this morning when I was watching Good Morning, America!, where they did a news report on Ryan Gosling breaking up a fight between two men in New York.  I have to say, I am not at all surprised and here's why...

A few years back, while I was working as a publicist, I had the pleasure of talent handling Mr. Gosling for a Japanese-only junket day for his film "Lars and the Real Girl".  At that time, I admired Ryan a lot and thought he was a very talented actor, though not particularly one of my favorites; however Ryan, and his then actress girlfriend Rachel McAdams (whom I've already blogged my obsession about and you can read about it here), do star in one of the three Rom-Com movies I actually love, The Notebook.  For this alone, you know I've got to admire the guy to some degree. 

That day of work with Mr. Gosling actually turned into a great day because of him, and it is still one of the most memorable experiences I had as a publicist, because Mr. Gosling is not only very pleasant and humorous, but very laid back and fun to hang around.

Between roundtable and phone interviews, we spent our downtime talking.  At that time, I had yet to meet another celebrity who was so genuine and down-to-earth.  (Later, I did meet Channing Tatum who could rival Ryan in the nicety department).  During our discussions we talked about everything from The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland (this former mouseketeers' favorite ride) to his band 'Dead Man's Bones' to the importance of dressing up for Halloween: Don't let your outer adult get the better of your inner child people!  Ryan also insisted I eat with him even though it was not in the distributor's budget, although I'm sure he just did not want to eat alone or thought it rude to eat in front of me.  Finally, at the end of day, Ryan handed me the gift he received from the Japanese distributors, an imported bottle of sake.  Granted, Ryan confessed he did not like sake, although you would never be able to tell when he humbly accepted the gift.  He gave it to me later, not wanting to just rudely leave it behind in his holding suite even though the Japanese distributors would never know.

Basically, the picture I am trying to paint here is that in my short time in Mr. Gosling's company, much like most of the personas he portrays in the movies, is just a mild-mannered guy who exudes peace and happiness; there isn't a better way to explain him.  So when I heard what he did in New York yesterday, I knew why he stepped in and did something about it instead of ignoring the situtation... and I knew I found my next blog post and now feel guilty for not blogging about him sooner.  I wish I had more to say about Ryan, but it was only one day; a half a day at that.

So, thank you Good Morning, America! for finding my story and reminding me about my little obsession with Ryan, it could not have come at a better time.  And we should all be thrilled to have a talented celebrity who is a positive role-model.

By the way, I still have that sake...

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