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Sunday, September 4, 2011

I Can't Get 'Born This Way' Out Of My Head!

Yes, I have hopped on the Lady Gaga bandwagon.  At first, I was just a fan of two songs from her first studio album, The Fame, which were 'Poker Face' and 'Bad Romance'.  Then, I became more of a fan when, other little obsession, 'Glee' had a Lady Gaga dedicated episode.  Between the songs and the 'Glee' episode, I had seen performances here and there on awards shows, 'So You Think You Can Dance', etc, but it really wasn't until the early part of this summer, when HBO released her concert movie, The Monster Ball Tour, that I called myself a fan... yet still not enough to even become a little obsessive fan (or in Lady Gaga terminology, a little monster).  It really wasn't until the very end of the concert, during the end credits when Lady Gaga performed an a Capella version of 'Born This Way' with three of her back-up singers did I really appreciate Miss Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanota's raw and astounding talent.  The pipes on this "lady" really blew me away, just listen:

Not since Madonna have I been so impressed by a pop female vocalist; however, let it be known that Lady Gaga is not quite at Madonna status yet, but the two definitely share many qualities: Strong performers, heads for business, eccentric and spreading important messages through their music.  I now admire and appreciate what Lady Gaga stands for, not to mention she's also one hell of a kick-ass songstress.

So needless to say, all summer long this song has been popping in and out of my head despite if I had just listened to it that day or the previous week.  The oddest things I hear or what someone might say will trigger 'Born This Way' in my head, which is a lot easier to turn on than off.

For anyone who does not agree, she's not for everyone.  Let's face it, the whole dress made out of red meat thing was a little beyond what I call fashionable and a turn off, but that's just me.  I can't help it, I was born this way.

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