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Monday, September 12, 2011

Say It's Not True! (Blood)

Like a flash... a blink of an eye... the speed of light... another season of the gory sexy HBO series, 'True Blood' has come and gone.  The good news... there will be a Season 5, the bad news... well, if you haven't been paying attention, Season 4 is over and it's going to be another 9 long-ass months until June 2012!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!  (I am not beneath immaturity when it comes to my 'True Blood').  BFF Steve and I even toasted the start of Season 4 with real True Blood drinks (carbonated soda made from blood orange drink) and is actually very delicious.

Now, I'm not one of those gothy types who just loves all things vampires.  Personally, I think the 'Twilight' series is an abomination to vampire films and films in general (no, I haven't read the books and have no plans to do so). But don't misunderstand, it's not the whole teenage/vampire thing I have a problem with.  I actually really enjoy the CW show 'The Vampire Diaries' for its surprisingly good writing and unpredictability.  I'll give you a moment to stop laughing............ done yet? No?............... There are many things I feel makes 'True Blood' special, but what I think I enjoy most about the show is its intentionally, unintentional humor and the brilliant characters: Tara, Sookie, Jason, Pam, Bill, Russell, Lafayette, Eric, Sophie Anne, Andy, Edna, Alcide, Hoyt, Jesus, Arlene, Sam and more... all portrayed brilliantly by exceptionately talented actors like they were born for these parts.  Here's an example of what I'm saying...

Now compare it to...

I'll say it again... EXCEPTIONAL!!  Rutina's quick and slick deliveries also skimmed 15 seconds off the clock!  A 'true' example of one of my favorite quotes:  "funnier, faster, louder".

It should also be known that, except for the most recent book, I've read every Sookie Stackhouse novel by Charlaine Harris, and although there are some similarities to Mrs. Harris's series, the mega-genius Alan Ball, has created a dynamic world which improves the novels by leaps and bounds.  Mr. Ball has taken the series' foundation and turned it into something the novels should have been in the first place (no offense Mrs. Harris); however, by doing this, each new season of the show is pulled further away from the adapted novel, eventually making the books only shadows of the HBO series.

Anyway, hats off to HBO, Mr. Ball, Mrs. Harris and the everybody on the 'True Blood' team for making Season 4 my favorite season yet.  I cannot wait to see if they introduce any new "supes" in Season 5 because if memory serves, novel 5 doesn't have any.  But Mr. Ball, if you're reading this (yeah, right) and are looking for a new "supe" idea, might I suggest a season of blood-sucker vs. blood-sucker (ie, vampire vs. chupacabra)?  EPIC!

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  1. OMG!!!!! Where did you find that?!?!??! Thank the gods they recast Tara's role with Rutina. That original actress is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rutina is THE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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